A Focus on the Most Important part of Your Family Fun Center Business Plan

Family Entertainment Center design requires expert solutions and a long-term vision. The design for your family entertainment facility is one of the most important factors of the guest experience. As such, you should not improvise it. We can help you create the ideal family entertainment center business plan to make your facility stand out.

At US Design Lab, our expertise is rooted in the FEC industry. As a result, we have mastered the best design solutions and trends in the industry. With our design skill, we can help you gain a competitive advantage in your market and maximize profitability for your facility.

We have decades of experience and have helped develop hundreds of centers. Thus, we have an uncanny ability to optimize your venue’s potential. To provide you with the best options, we seek to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of your project.

First, we perform a comprehensive analysis of the project itself. Then, we take our your long-term plans and expectations, and provide a framework for decision making that is sensitive to:

  • Economics of the FEC project
  • Creating an exceptional guest experience
  • Operations and staffing of the FEC
  • The revenue-generating components of the facility

Family Entertainment Center Design Reimaged

In the business of family entertainment, there’s a constant demand for something new, exciting, and engaging that captures guests’ attention right away. For this reason, arcades, Family Entertainment Centers (FECs), bowling alleys, roller-skating rinks, trampoline parks and more are growing fast around the world as the most exciting and profitable forms of investment in the world of entertainment. Unfortunately, these highly rewarding businesses often suffer from poor design lacking in style, originality, and practicality. Consequently, guests aren’t always having the amazing experiences that they should be and are quickly turning to other entertainment options.

With decades of international experience, the US Design Lab team has built a successful path in family entertainment center design, creating and mastering the ideas and trends that ultimately make every guest’s visit a memorable experience.

The US Design Lab Difference: Entertainment Well Designed

At US Design Lab, we are always aware of the entertainment industry’s rapidly changing market. It’s no secret that times change and so do customers’ tastes.  Attractions that were hot a few years back are now outdated. For this reason, whether we’re starting from scratch to develop a new venue or renovating an existing one, our trademark is to assist our clients in creating a singular design and brand for a family entertainment center that stands out from the rest.

Proper planning for a business is essential, and that’s why we assist you step-by-step, making your project come to life. Accordingly, we offer a full range of specialized services in design and branding to give you a one-stop-shop for your family entertainment design needs.

At US Design Lab you can have it all…master-planning, concept design, interior design, and even custom furniture, equipment, and product design, offered on an a-la-carte basis or as a complete package at competitive prices. Additionally, our complete branding and marketing services focus on creating a distinctive identity for each of our customers’ facilities, from naming and brand development to logo, printed materials, uniforms and web design. Many design firms try to upsell clients on extravagant designs that are unaffordable or unrealistic to implement. In contrast, we put our client’s budget always first.

Running a business is complicated but choosing the right design firm doesn’t have to be.

Kevin Krauss

Just wanted to thank you for your fresh ideas and prompt service that we received at Seminole Lanes! Our family has been in the Bowling Business in Florida for 58 years and we are very pleased to have worked with you to completely re do our 60 lane center ….Thank you .

Kevin KraussSeminole Lanes Bowling Center, Seminole FL
Elena & Yuri Abramovich
We couldn’t have done with out you!!!  We really appreciate you putting your heart in to our design!
Everyone loves Make Believe!!!!
Elena & Yuri AbramovichMake Believe Family Entertainment Center, Parma OH

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