The essence of design is the visualization of an idea and that philosophy is no different for FEC product design.

Design is the use of space, color, proportions, graphic elements, imagery and aesthetics to convey a message. At US Design Lab we believe that design is the tool through which you achieve effective branding and a unique corporate identity.

Design is all around us; it is the shape of a condiment bottle, the style of your car, the layout and lighting of your favorite restaurant. But it isn’t just the combination of graphic and spatial elements that make a brand recognizable. Behind each successful design, there’s an effective analysis of target market.

Many product ideas never reach their intended market. In order to be marketable, all products and services need to be well-designed. Effective design translates your product’s features and functionality into a unique brand. Good product design results in higher sales: a poorly-designed product will not sell, no matter how good it is.

At US Design Lab we have been cross-applying our multi-industry design experience in many different categories like furniture, furnishing accents, vending machines, electronic devices and more. If you have an idea of what your new product should do and need expert advice on creating an optimal design, our lead designer can help you find the perfect combination of aesthetics, function, safety, and visibility, to make sure that your product stands out among the competition.


By masterfully applying our design skills to your project, our designers do much more than provide you with attractive drawings. Rather, we build a visual representation of what your target market wants to perceive about your product or facility. Our clients can count on the creativity of our designers to create unique concepts with have mass market appeal. Furthermore, our international experience in products and environment design – together with our long-time exposure to proven concepts from a wide range of markets – help us to identify and define effective designs that are both innovative and appropriate for our client’s market. Lastly, our unique perspective is backed by our team’s ability to envision the project in its completeness and provide original solutions for each industry distinctive specifications.

Master planning, product design, web design, interior design, exterior design, conceptual design, bowling entertainment center design, FEC and arcade design, and restaurant design are just some of the design services that we provide.

Contact us for a free consultation on your FEC product design and find out how we can elevate your ideas to reality.