The Client: Microhard for Durex– Bologna, Italy – 2013

The job: As a leading designer and manufacturer of vending devices and total remote product control technologies, Microhard Vending Projects pioneers innovative concepts both for microprocessors and vending devices. Thoroughly certified and  compliant with CE standards, Microhard’s products are also perfectly compatible with electromagnetic immunity regulations and stand out for their attractive look, outstanding quality and durability. The company, totally independent in the design phase of both hardware and software, can develop all kinds of custom projects and satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers.

What we did: As long-time consultants of Microhard, US Design Lab was tasked with the design of a new vending machine for Durex products which had to be highly visible, recognizable and attractive to customers. Our design team developed the new vending machine concept, designed the product itself in several variations, drafted the exterior technical planning of the machine and followed the product into the manufacturing process.