In a previous blog about branding, we talked about how a brand is more than just a pretty logo and website…it should evoke emotion.

One of the reasons emotions are crucial to awesome branding is because they are in the same section of our brain as memories and making decisions. This is also one of the reasons why mascots have been in ad and marketing campaigns for years.

Think Tony the Tiger, Energizer Bunny, AFLAC Duck, Mr. Peanut, Ronald McDonald, Nesquick Bunny, Martin the GEICO Gecko, or the Pillsbury Doughboy. Just the thought of any one of these characters immediately connect us to that product or service and brings the brand to life.

Although memorable mascots in today’s day are hard to come by, are they still as marketable?

We examine what makes a brand mascot soar and what makes it sink for an FEC.


Let’s face it, you’re in the business of family entertainment. It should be fun, and it should be entertaining. Having a mascot for your FEC combines both into one character that’s a reflection of your center. A mascot essentially becomes the face of your FEC, with its own personality, thoughts, and actions.

A mascot creates engagement between the FEC and your customer.  Sometimes people just don’t want to be “sold” to.  Mascots convey the same message, but in a different manner that is non-salesy.

If the brand mascot is effective and memorable, customers will remember it and purchase the product or service.  They will also remember to tell their friends about that product or service.

Social Media

A brand mascot becomes the “spokesperson” for a business. It has its own voice, personality, and characteristics.

Also, just like an “influencer” or brand ambassador; they have their own social media profiles that can be even more effective and have more followers than the company they represent.

The mascot becomes relatable to the audience and creates natural conversation.

Build Brand Identity

A mascot becomes synonymous with the business, building identity beyond a logo. Customers perceive brands with mascots as more consumer-focused, trustworthy and genuine.

A mascot becomes ageless and can open an emerging FEC brand into additional markets if the message is wide and engaging, building brand equity.


There’s the right way to create an FEC brand mascot and there’s the wrong way.  What becomes a memorable and successful brand mascot is the research into your target audience and your values.

Keep in mind, mascots may not be for every FEC, so make sure to consult with a brand expert who has experience in designing mascots for other family entertainment centers. He or she will be able to assess your FEC and advise if a mascot is in line with your branding. And because of their experience, they’ll also know the fine line between cheesy and “hip”.

Your brand mascot should not look amateur because that will be a direct reflection on your FEC and your brand. Besides the appearance of your mascot, its personality is key. After all, it is your brand’s persona they are personifying. Your brand mascot should also represent your brand’s promise.

This is what creates that connection, driving brand identity and makes a mascot memorable.

Considering a brand mascot for your family entertainment center? Schedule a free consultation with a US Design Lab family entertainment center brand expert.