When approaching a design or branding project, every designer’s goal should be to take the project from start to finish. In the real world, however, businesses’ needs are not always so easy and straightforward. In many cases, design firms become synonymous with costliness; many designers prioritize style over affordability. Most of the time, our customers are on a budget and prefer to start gradually, working on their issues one at a time. Then again, some companies need help with managing only a specific project or to build a new website. Sometimes, clients don’t know what they need until they talk to a design or branding expert.

At US Design Lab, while we offer complete branding and design solutions, we also provide task-and-project-based professional advice and services, such as art direction, photography direction, creative direction and advice, copy-writing, web design, graphic design, interior design, exterior or elevation design, attraction design, FEC and arcade design, video production, architectural elements design and much more.


If you need assistance with a single, specific project – for example: a video-production for your business, developing the best marketing strategy for your product or company, advice on how to furnish your office or residence – do not hesitate to contact us: we have the expertise you are looking for. At US Design Lab our first priority is not how big your budget is, but rather how challenging is your project. Crazy deadlines also add spice to our creativity: if nobody else can do it in time, we will.

“In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.”– Harold Geneen


Project-based advice or independent consulting are effective alternative solutions to hiring or retaining a creative director full-time.

If what you need is a new perspective on your marketing strategy, fresh ideas on your corporate image, creative coaching for your marketing team or just an outside opinion, US Design Lab creative direction consulting services offer convenient options to coordinate your project, optimize your investment and add a touch of creativity to your communication.

Our result-oriented, budget-friendly creative direction services are hourly-based. Additionally, we can give you fast, effective professional answers and optimal short-term solutions for specific design and marketing needs.

Contact us to try US Design Lab creative consulting services and experience the value of creativity direction at work.