Brand Creation

The Client: Qubica AMF – Richmond, Virginia – 2005

The job: QubicaAMF is the joining of two industry giants, AMF Bowling Products, a U.S. firm known for its invention of the automatic pinspotter; and Italian Qubica Worldwide, whose supremacy in scoring and management software brought the world the first and only comprehensive Bowler Entertainment System. This merger in 2005 created one of the largest and most respected companies in the bowling and amusement businesses, with global headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, and European headquarters in Bologna, Italy.

What we did: Thanks to its original thinking and innovative design ideas, US Design Lab was chosen to create a new brand for the company resulting from the merger of AMF Bowling Products and Qubica Worldwide. Our Branding Services provided the whole corporate image design, including a new logo inspired by the two merging companies logos, the company’s  website, advertising and promotional videos, trade shows and events installations design.