The Client: Amedei Chocolate – Pontedera, Italy – 2010

The job: Headquartered in the vicinity of Pisa in Italy, Amedei is an artisan family business devoted to excellence. As the only Italian chocolate boutique having complete supervision over its production process from the cocoa bean to the finished product and thanks to its great attention to detail, Amedei has been awarded the Chocolate Academy of London’s prestigious “Golden Bean” award in the “bean to bar” category for four consecutive years. Due to her hard work, dedication and long apprenticeships in France, Belgium and Germany, Cecilia Tessieri, founder of Amedei, is the only woman in the world to claim the title of Chocolatier. A deep passion for chocolate and devotion to work, together with a continual search for perfection, have all factored into making Amedei what it is today.

What we did: As an exporter of fine chocolate worldwide, Amedei was looking for an idea to address both the shipping problems related to perishable, heat-sensitive products and the need to insure them a prominent place inside the destination store. US Design Lab Branding Services and Design Services were asked to conceive a eye-catching, easy to ship and to stock display case that would ease the shipping and storing of the products and their in-store visibility. Our team designed a custom fold-up display, compact enough to minimize shipping costs, extremely flexible to fit small display spaces and visually balanced to the company’s brand.