Coke. Starbucks. Amazon. Microsoft.

All recognizable brands names. Their logos are synonymous with their industry and what they symbolize…sustainable, refreshing, evolving, technology, community, and giving back.

You may not have a multi-million-dollar company, but you care what your brand looks like, conveys, and how people respond to it.

Below are 5 reasons why you need a great brand and brand strategy for your bowling center.


As we mentioned, your brand is the personality of your business. Therefore, you should consider what makes a great character:

  • Name
  • Look
  • Position
  • Values
  • Attraction
  • Popularity

Before you go to the drawing board with a design agency on a bowling center brand strategy , you should examine how these elements affect your center and how you want to enhance them when creating your brand identity.

The brand persona of your bowling center should strengthen all those amazing attributes which make it stand apart from other centers in your area. It should create the thrill to want to visit and the anticipation of returning.

Great branding alludes emotion to drive attention and traffic to a business. People love to be associated with great brands – they can drive what we wear, what we drive, what we eat or drink, and where we go to play!


Now that you have a killer brand for your bowling center, it’s time to build an equally killer brand strategy.

A brand strategy is a long-term plan for your business with specific goals, milestones, and marketing collateral. It should also be sustainable and realistic. Your brand strategy should touch every aspect of your bowling center and connect with your customers.

In order to create a brand strategy for your bowling center, you’ll need to start by answering what’s the purpose of the strategy. Why do you do what you do? You can define your business’ purpose with two attributes…to make money and do good. Seek companies you admire…not necessarily in the same industry, but those who are doing well, and making a difference in their community and sector. Those are the ideal examples of where you should look for inspiration.

Another component of a brand strategy is consistency. Part of consistency is to not talk about things that don’t relate to or enhance your brand. If you’re confusing your audience by posting something on social media that has nothing to do with your brand because you found it funny, it’s best to post it on your personal page.

If you really want to be consistent with your brand, create a style guide. A style guide will include everything about your brand such as the tone of voice, style, font, Pantone colors, and how you position your product or service.


Although it’s important for your design agency to create a cohesive and consistent bowling center brand strategy, it’s equally important for your employees to be included in the conversation so they’re able to convey the same identity to customers.

If you’re bowling center eludes fun, family-focused entertainment, who are all about bowling then your employees should express the same fun and all-about bowling attitude to every customer who walks through the door or calls.

If your brand and message is all about one thing and your employees are all about something else, then that creates a disconnect, leaving your customers confused.


They say a little competition is good, and it is, no matter the industry. It keeps you on your toes and helps strengthen your own bowling center brand strategy. If you’re after the same customer, you should be aware of what the competition is doing. With that said, although you might sell the same product or service, your brand is unique, and you shouldn’t make it a mission to stalk your competitor but rather strive to stay one step ahead without losing your bowling center brand strategy or identity.

Before creating or rebranding your bowling center ask yourself and your team to express how they feel about it in one word. Take those words and start creating your story. Then contact a reputable agency and have them take your story and design a vision which will develop your brand and brand strategy.

Got a story, but struggling with a new or existing brand or brand strategy? Schedule a free consultation with a brand US Design Lab bowling center expert.