How do you know when your bowling center is ready for a rebranding?

The world and your market area is an ever-changing place however, so every so many years you should ask yourself, “does my brand still represent what my vision is, what my business offers, and does it still attract and retain my targeted customers?”. If you’ve made significant improvements and changes to your business, now is the time to conduct a brand review.

Whether doing a full rebrand including changing your business name, or just a refresh of your logo, with the right strategy the impact to your business can be great – just like making a major renovation or adding new attractions or venues.

Typically, there are three methods of rebranding. These range from slight edits to your logo to an all-out new name and identity.

1) Refresh

A refresh of your brand is that slight edit to your current branding to make it more up-to-date, especially if you’ve had the bowling center for several years.

It doesn’t change your offering nor your demographics but gives your current branding a facelift so that it’s modern. Keep in mind, if you refresh your logo, you’ll have to refresh your website and any digital or print marketing collateral so that everything is cohesive and consistent.

2) Rebrand

The second method of rebranding your bowling center is a rebrand.

A rebrand is the same brand, but typically with a substantially new look, feel and strategy. As a rebrand you’re not changing your bowling center’s story, you’re just keeping up with the demands of the industry and improving on that story.

A rebrand of your bowling center should be an evolution of your current brand, recognizable by its current audience, yet on point and emerging to a new customer.

3) Rename

The third method of rebranding your bowling center is a full rename may be needed if you’ve acquired the business from another owner, merged with another bowling center, or made significant physical and operational changes to your business model. Sometimes when businesses rebrand with a completely new identity, things may get confusing and the objective is lost.

If this is the type of rebranding needed for your bowling center, make sure everyone is on the same page so that its identity is transparent.

Are you creating a new name for the bowling center or only new branding? How will you tell the story of your merger or acquisition? What are the key elements you want to express such as tone of voice, style, offerings, etc…?

These are questions you should ask yourself and your co-owners before deciding to rename your bowling center. If you’re not sure, consult with a design expert.

Major national and international brands have had good experiences when they’ve rebranded, and some have had pushback from die-hard customers who don’t like change. Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone, and you shouldn’t have to. You must be true to your center, true to yourself, and above all, true to your vision. You know who you’re core customers are and unless you make drastic changes to your offerings, business name, or service, they will always support you.

Before you start down the journey to rebrand your family entertainment center, ask yourself the following questions…

  • Does my blowing center stand out from the competition?
  • Have I added new offerings to my core business?
  • Have my customer’s needs changed?
  • Am I targeting new customer segments?
  • Does my market research show that my brand is old and dated?
  • Has my bowling center’s mission changed?
  • Will rebranding my bowling center solve a problem?
  • Do people understand my bowling center’s message at first glance?
  • Have my demographics changed since I started my business?
  • Does my bowling center brand create a memorable impression that will stick with new or potential customers?

If you’ve answered yes to three or more of these questions, it’s time to rebrand. Find a qualified design agency that will walk you through the process and ask evoking questions to find out which type of rebranding is right for your bowling center.

Are you considering rebranding your bowling center?  Schedule a free consultation with a US Design Lab family entertainment center brand expert.